Using Cinema 4D and following the excellent Digital Tutors tutorial, this is a 3D model of a Rolls-Royce. Despite the instructions, this was a beast, but it also represents a milestone of sorts, as I'd always wanted to model a car. Also, I couldn't do this a year ago.
I like how it turned out.
Here's a rough overview of the steps I took:
Importing Images and blueprints. Accuracy huge.
Shape the body. Start with a box and make editable.
Split car in half (knife in half, select half the polygons and delete). Optimize unused points. Put in symmetry.
Add more resolution to match sections of car with knife. (Easier to create big shapes with fewer knife cuts, then as you get into more detailed sections add knife cuts to allow you to refine into smaller and smaller sections and details).
Split windows off and hide them for now.
Split and copy off sections and then delete from original shape. Then optimize the original shape.
Separating front section
Detail the grill with cloner
Block out fenders (points modeling and knife cuts)
Add frame pieces
Add crack, headlights, small lights.
Build pillars and windows.
Model the handles.
Model the soft top, including the wrinkles (knife cuts).
Side pieces, back of car.
Model the wheel (sweep NURB, plus radial cloner for spokes)
Steering wheel, hood ornament, logo
Materials (chrome)
Tire treads (select polygon loops, Tile surface for bump map).

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