Q: What do you do?
A: I'm a motion designer. I play with After Effects and Cinema 4D almost daily. 
Q: Where are you?
A: Thanks to the internet (and dropbox and wetransfer and vimeo), I'm everywhere and nowhere. I've worked for clients in many cities, including New York, Chicago, Austin, and a couple of Springfields. 
But I live in Chicago. (I grew up in St. Louis, which is something St. Louisans are quick to point out. It means I'm a Cardinal fan in a Cubs town. Or, a baseball fan in a football town.)
Q: Are you worried announcing your sports allegiance will cost you gigs?
A: Sure, but if you're, say, an Arsenal fan, do you pretend to root for Chelsea? How would that make you feel?
(Note: I know little about soccer, but a friend of mine is an Arsenal fan and he assures me that's a solid comparison.)
Q: What other interests do you have?
A: I've noticed most people I seem to work with (designers, editors, illustrators, producers) all play music in their spare time. Mostly guitar. I may have a complex about this. I think I've noticed this because I don't play anything but I've always wanted to learn piano. I had a jerk teacher in high school who would have told me that if I don't play an instrument it's because I don't really want to. Still - what was the question?
Q. Other interests?
A. Right. Drawing, writing fiction, cooking.
Q. Anything cool?
A. I've met Andrew Kramer, Nick Campbell and Chris Schmidt, three of my four "Mount Everest" motion graphic heroes. Now I just need to meet Aharon Rabinowitz to complete the set.
Q. Anything else?
A. I'm a member of the Mystery Writers of America. I make my own pizza from scratch about once a week. 
Q. Favorite movie?
A. Casablanca is as close to the perfect movie ever made and I can argue that point all day long. 
Q. Ice breaker question?
A. Ask me about playing a dancing salt shaker in a music video. 
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